Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oppose BLM Wyoming Wild Horse Roundup: Act by May 7

April 26, 2010
The BLM’s Rock Springs Field Office proposal to roundup an unspecified number (in excess of 169) wild horses in two Herd Management Areas (HMAs) in Wyoming. Read on to take action. Also submit comments to help California wild horses here.

Once again, the agency has set arbitrarily low Appropriate Management Levels (AMLs) for wild horses:

• Little Colorado HMA - over 500,000 acres — only 69 to 100 wild horses allowed. (Current population estimate 142)
• White Mountain HMA — 392,649 acres — only 205 to 300 wild horses allowed. (Current population estimate 300.)

Meanwhile, domestic cattle and sheep are allowed to graze in these areas during the summer and winter.

The BLM plans to commence the roundup either in October 2010, or after foaling season in February 2011, continuing the unsustainable cycle of roundups and removals every few years. Meanwhile, progress toward sustainable on-the-range management — including limitations on livestock grazing, water and other range improvements, and fertility control measures where necessary — are absent once again from the BLM’s plans.

Please submit your comments by May 7 to oppose these additional unnecessary wild horse roundups. Please personalize, cut and paste the draft letter below and send it to the emails listed here. [Use the exact subject line provided below so that your comments will be counted.]



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