Saturday, March 7, 2009

American Indians PRAY for Horse-Slaughter Plants

The National Congress of American Indians
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Friends of Equines Society FOES of Equine Slaughter
Currently, there is a bill in the United States Congress that would protect our American Horses from slaughter for human consumption. The bill, HR 503, would also protect them from being exported to other countries for slaughter. HR 503 is a very popular bill, not only with the majority of the American people but with a majority of legislators too. Our opponents are few but powerful, that is, they have the money to influence the vote in DC., and they do. (It only takes ONE wrongway vote to kill a bill)Last summer, The National Congress of American Indians quietly submitted to our U.S. Congress, "invoking the devine blessing of the creator upon their efforts,"... a proposal to amend HR 503, our National anti-horse slaughter bill. They are seeking to include an ammendment that will allow for the building of horse-slaughter plants on Indian lands. You can read the full text of the proposed amendment below; Signers we urge you to please contact the National Congress of American Indians to tell them what you think of their idea. Below is a link to their site; them of the story of "Horse-Slaughter Camp" where, during the the war on Chief Josephs band of Nez Perce Indians, a band of Indians were captured along with a prized herd of over 800 of their appaloosa horses. The Indians were horrified when the soldiers began to mercilessly slaughter them all. To save bullets, the babies were clubbed in the head. Here is an excerpt from a witness to the massacre; The defeated Indians wondered what nature of mankind could kill horses -- stallions, geldings, mares, and colts -- in such a cold-blooded manner? They never forgot the horse slaughter "What monsters could do such a thing," they thought. Surley there must be a better way for our Native American friends and neighbors to make a living.. Do they really have to rely on the blood of our American Horses to improve their lot? We don't think so and we are shocked to know that even some American Indians do. Are these pro-horse slaughter Indians a minority? We hope so! Let the voices of the anti-horse slaughter Indians be heard.While cultures and customs vary, all Native American Indian beliefs are rooted in Animism, meaning that they believe(d) the universe was bound together by the spirits within ALL natural life, from plants, animals, humans, water, and even the Earth itself. Thus it would seem that the slaughtering of horses by Indians to satisfy the whitemans greed would go against that religion. In otherwords, its ungodly. There are other, better ways to generate income. Moreover, The American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus) includes approximately $3 billion that will go toward direct tribal programs, another $500 million will be available in financing provisions, and a number of programs include tribes as eligible recipients.How about we build our National Equine Rescue on their lands or even our National Wild Horse Sanctuary / Park? Surely something like that would be more in line with Native American religious beliefs. We are imploring our Native American friends and neighbors, by this petition, to re-think their postion on horse-slaughter, and to come to their senses and to adhere to their religious beliefs that all life is sacred, and help us to PRESERVE the lives of our American horses instead of assisiting the whiteman in sending them to needless, senseless, merciless slaughter. Thank you signers for taking the time, but mostly, thank you for caring about the terrible plight of our American Horses today. May the Spirit of the Horse Go With You Warrior Woman. Note: Pro Slaughter posts will be deleted. This is not a debate forum.

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