Saturday, December 13, 2008

Compassion Index

110th Search Results
110th Rating

Senator Barack Obama (DEM) IL 100%
AND President-Elect!!!!!!!!

Senator John Barrasso (REP) WY 0%
Senator Michael Enzi (REP) WY 0%

House Representative
110th Rating
Barbara Cubin (REP) WY-At Large 0%

The Compassion Index (CI) tracks and rates members’ positions on a number of key animal protective measures, both good and bad. Tracked bills and issues are chosen by a number of criteria including their potential impact on the animals in question, the likelihood of the legislation moving and the desire to cover a range of issues affecting a cross-section of animals (wildlife, laboratory animals, animals used in agriculture, those used for sports and entertainment, etc.). While most legislation included is beneficial to animals, the CI may also rate legislation harmful to animals which, if cosponsored, would assign a negative rating to supporters. With the CI's real-time feature, new bills may be added at any time in the Congress.

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